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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Holiday Reminders for Retail

First off, thank you to the 49,000 viewers who have stopped by our blog since we went live. We appreciate you taking the time.

It is that time of year.  Costco, Lowes, Target etc. have their holiday sets up.
Companies are opening their stores earlier and earlier, making Black Friday an old concept.  Stores such as Best Buy are trying to enhance the shopping experience to remove the "stop and shop" then go to the internet for the purchase.  Time will tell on that.

As with all holiday seasons, issues for Loss Prevention and Store teams goes up.  Many retailers will hire seasonal employees who knows their work life is limited.  This encourages them to steal faster if they are so inclined to do so.  Below are some points to consider while in the field....If we missed some that are important to you, feel free to post a comment.  We appreciate diversity of opinions.

*  Shoplifting goes up.  New employees trained on what to do?  Customer service them to death.

*  Robberies can increase.  Program in place to reduce the cash in the tills on a more frequent basis?

*  Receiving doors are up more?  Increased checks of back areas and dumpsters for stashed product?

*  Cashier accuracy is important.  Are they scanning accurately?

*  Don't ignore exception reporting.  Employees have a short window to steal via the registers.  "Sweet hearting" goes with the holidays it seems.

*  Are parking lot lights adjusted for the new hours?  Customer safety is important?

*  Forget to take armored car pickups from 5 days to 7?

*  How to mange the opening on Black Friday?  Customer flow needs to be maintained to avoid the elderly and children from being trampled over.

Those are some things to address...

As a reminder, you can brush up on your Interviewing and Interrogation skills with the new online Wicklander-Zulawski (WZ) course.  You can see and take the 10 hour course at www.LossPreventionAcademy.com.

Enjoy the holidays...


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