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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Shoplifter BLOGS

Shoplifting has been around for many years and I doubt that course is going to decrease in the future.  People shoplift for various reasons, a new one to tell their story is via BLOGS...

Shoplifters are starting to use blogs to tell their story.  They can hide behind the curtains of the blog and offer little or no information about themselves.  Often, people who follow the blog try and guess the race, sex and location of the blogger as posts are made.

These bloggers tell their stories of how to shoplift, which stores are the easiest to steal from, EAS removal tools and how to detect Loss Prevention in the store. Interesting enough, they provide good intelligence for those in Loss Prevention how to be a better LP person to identify theft and make apprehensions if that is the goal.

There seems to be a common theme as to why they shoplift.  Some is for re-sell however, the theme I see most is shoplifting is their way at getting back at society and or retailers in general.  They view retailers as large companies that offer low wages, minimal benefits and can afford the losses.  They target those retailers that are known for a non-effective Loss Prevention department that makes shoplifting easy.

I hesitate whether to post their messages.  I do not want to be a part of supporting their actions however, learning about their conduct and actions can help Loss Prevention personnel become better in their field. The other day one posted a detailed list of how to spot Loss Prevention in a store.  It was very accurate and detailed.  I re-posted that in hopes of educating others to avoid that conduct when possible.

If interested, go to www.Tumblr.com and search with the terms shoplifting or shoplifter. As a comment, one that posts regularly will delete anyone that follows him/her if your name is associated with Loss Prevention.



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  1. I really digged into your e-learning courses to Loss Prevention. Interested in taking LP Manager, and Retail Safety Courses in the near future! Got my LP Detective Certificate in October, 2013, Thank you for the opportunity and encouragement. I feel that the education that was presented to me is a closer step to communication on all business and law enforcement. Incident Report Writing etc, with just the facts and non-opinions is what all civilian and law enforcement training is a plus!

  2. Sheila...Thanks for your comments on our online courses. I did respond to your email with your questions and how to buy the next course. Enjoy....hope all is well.



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