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Monday, February 11, 2013

Defining e-learning...

First off, we want to thank the 38,500 visitors to our blog since we went live.  We appreciate everyone for taking the time to stop by and view our articles. We are very excited about our next online course, WZ's Investigative Interviewing course on interviewing and interrogation skills.

Every article you read on the subject, e-learning indicates an upward trend in the years to come.  After all, why would the birth of the internet not touch this area of education/training?

Is it possible to eliminate all classroom training and replace it with online training?  Doubt it...

Every student seems to gravitate to learning via different formats of teaching.  For some it is the listening from an instructor along with the option to ask immediate questions to clarify a point or expand on a topic.  This format can be enhanced with an excellent instructor who has the ability to engage the student with their teaching style. Do you still get this value when the classroom is over 100 students and instructor lectures via video and voice?  How many students actually raise their hand and ask questions in class?

Colleges are expanding their teaching options in what they call "hybrid" instruction. Hybrid is a combination of online courses and face to face time with an instructor.  This option will grow in popularity as in reduces costs with online training, but still does not eliminate the quality time with an instructor. As business entities, online courses eliminates the cost of an instructor, classroom and faculty support.

What about the individual that lives in a country that does not offer quality courses or the person that works full time and does not have the flexibility to attend a classroom schedule or when online courses reduces the cost of the "teaching" now making it more affordable for some or the person that feels online training is better format for content retention?

The advantages to offering online courses will continue to grow based on the above concerns and it's acting as a solution to them.

Lastly, e-learning needs to be established with guidelines for quality.  Uploading a power point presentation is not quality e-learning.  Courses need to be written with an instructional designer that includes voice over, interactions and establishment of learning objectives.

Enjoy the week,


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