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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Facebook the new Neighborhood Watch?

First off, thank you for the 37,780 visits to the blog so far.  We appreciate you stopping by and viewing our articles.

I currently have a love/hate relationship for Facebook.  I can see why so many people use the site, whether it be for keeping in contact with friends and or family, support of a business or?  As with all social media, time is needed to filter all the spam and unwanted content that is posted.

Has Facebook replaced the Neighborhood Watch concept?  The concept is simple...if all your neighbors keep an eye on the community and look for suspicious conduct, the police can be notified when someone unusual is seen.  

We live in a small community and many of the families are connected via Facebook. Recently, an unknown teenage driver was driving recklessly around the high school.  A post was made on Facebook with a description of the vehicle and a "call to identify" the driver.  Within 5 minutes the parent of the driver stepped up, took ownership and committed to correcting the conduct.  Did Facebook prevent this teenage driver from a terrible accident? Maybe.

Maybe a better word to describe the change is whether Facebook is the new CCTV on the community?

Not sure I would have wanted Facebook around when I was a teenager :)

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