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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Adding more Awareness Posters for Shrink and Safety

It was only 7 weeks ago we went live with the Loss Prevention Academy and within it, LPPosters.com. We are the first company to put awareness posters on the internet for shortage control and are very pleased with our initial interest.  We shipped our first posters last week and have bids out to 4 other companies.  Many companies are starting to develop their awareness campaigns for 2012 now.

Based on the initial response, we have started designing 6 additional posters to offer the LP Community.  If all goes well, the posters will be on the site by end of the month.  We are looking a credit card policies, how to detect counterfeit money, shortage highway, back injuries, shrink starts in the DCs and forklift safety. 

In addition to offering these posters on the internet, we are able to design custom posters based on a specific demand.  The cost is minimal when the customer wants to "massage" the wording or place their logo on the poster.  For these changes, the cost is only 40.00 per poster.  If a customer wants to start from scratch and design a custom poster with new pics etc., the cost is only 250.00 per poster.

We also wanted to establish pricing per poster so customers can see what their cost would be.  The price per poster is determined by the number of posters ordered.  Once the press is set up, running 500 posters is cheaper than setting up the press to run 50.  Based on printing costs, here is what it looks like..

11 x 17 poster

1-250 the price is 5.99 per poster
250-500 the price is 4.99 per poster
Over 500, the price is 3.99 per poster

Of course different sized posters are available.  

We already have thoughts for the next 6 posters.  We feel one for discount violations and for your 800 hotline is needed.  

Keeping the message of shortage control is a challenge and must be designed to get the attention of the 17-22 year old employee of today.  Hope our modern day themed posters helps in that area.

If you have suggestions for other poster topics, let us know.

Enjoy the week,


LPDT, LLC offers the only E-Learning training for Retail Loss Prevention at www.LossPreventionAcademy.com. In addition,we offer a FREE job and resume posting board for Loss Prevention at www.LPjobsFREE.com. Check out our awareness posters for shortage and safety at www.LPPosters.com. You can follow us on Twitter under LPACADEMYcom and Facebook under Loss Prevention Academy.

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